Kansetsu International Co.,Ltd.
About us

Business Activities: Conservation of Global Environment and Contribution to Society

Kansetsu International Co., Ltd. has been established in November 2004 to develop importing and exporting foreign industrial products.

We aim to make contributions for conservations of global environment, for society, and for production facilities of domestic and international companies though our business under the slogan to “harmony with the environment” recognizing that environmental problems is important issues common to all humankind.

We can provide various kinds of excellent foreign products: Ultra High Purity PFA Heat Exchanger of Teflon®, Module type Heat Exchanger of Teflon®, Plastic Heat Exchanger, Mist Eliminator B-Gon® and White Smoke removal system.

We are serving as a liaison between Japanese companies and foreign companies ahead of borderless time today.

Product List

Ultra High Purity PFA Heat Exchanger of Teflon®

Heat Exchanger of Teflon®

Module Type Heat Exchanger
of Teflon®

Plastic Heat Exchanger

Mist Eliminator B-GON®

Oleum somke removal system

Ammonium chloride
smoke removal system